5 Things Every Marketer Should Avoid On Social Media

5 Things Every Marketer Should Avoid On Social Media
5 Things Every Marketer Should Avoid On Social Media
Behlul M
October 8, 2017
Topic: Social Media Marketing

The social media space is fast-paced and is constantly moving; what’s ‘in’ today might become obsolete by next week. As a marketer, it is important to know of the current social media trends while also knowing the ones that have died out. Here’s a list of things that  every marketer must avoid doing on social media.


1) Excessive use of hashtags

Although certain platforms like Twitter and Instagram allow content to be easily accessible by using hashtags, some social media users use more hashtags than needed. Using too many hashtags, or irrelevant ones, can sometimes look too eager for followers and likes, and can also get you the wrong follower base – such as bots or just random followers wanting to be followed back. Instead, choose the relevant hashtags and a good rule of thumb is to always keep the number of hashtags lower than the number of words.


2) Joining every trending topic

Brands often involve themselves with trending topics or certain popular content that appears to go viral. This may sometimes look forced, especially if it is around a topic that is irrelevant to the business. Not every topic that’s buzzing means customers want to hear it from you. The important question brands should ask themselves is, is the content you’re communicating relevant to my audience? If not, don’t share it.

3) Using the same message on all platforms

We understand that it is time-consuming for marketers to craft a different message for every channel and so they use the exact same message on every channel to save time. However, this is not the ideal thing to do – different channels have different audiences. E.g.: Hashtags on twitter are not supported by LinkedIn. Instead, rephrase your content slightly to cater to the needs of the audience depending on the social network while still be able to communicate the core message.


4) Not engaging with your audience

For a lot of brands, social networking channels are solely a means for promoting their products and business. However, this is not how it should be. Social media is a two-way communication platform; not only is it a means for promoting your business, but it is equally a platform for building relationships with potential customers. What marketers should do is to encourage participation from their readers, ask questions and make sure they have some time dedicated towards responding and engaging with their followers.


5) Sending auto-mated messages

There was a time not too long ago when automated ‘thank you’ messages was a great and polite way to make your followers feel acknowledged. Now, marketers should avoid using these as this can sometimes make the brand come off as a ‘bot’ or lack that personal element when engaging with their customers. It’s almost like being subscribed to a messaging list no one asked for. Marketers should instead cater and alter their replies to every follower they connect with.

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