Best Motion Graphics Trends

Best Motion Graphics Trends
Behlul M
August 21, 2017

We all love a good story. Brands have adopted to telling stories through their commercials which is why you feel closer to some brands than others. It goes on in your subconscious but is a result of very clever marketing. Coca Cola has been doing it for decades with each of their campaigns centering around “happiness”.

Video is key to telling a story and has become a major part of every brand’s marketing. Let’s boil down the trends we’re seeing this year in video content.

1.  Seamless Transition

Seamless transitions have existed for decades. In recent times however, it has become more widely adopted in video creation. It adds to certain stories and communications. It can be effectively used in telling a seamless story so the eye of the viewer never flutters and takes it all in.

2.  Animated Illustrations

Animated videos are increasing in popularity because they’re fun and cheap to create. Illustrations help brands tell intricate stories as well as be fun, zany and quirky at the same time. The possibilities using animation are endless and allow a brand’s creativity to flourish in their communication.

3.  3D + 2D

Another surfacing trend is the combined usage of 3D and 2D graphic techniques. Here, 3D objects are placed on 2D surfaces thereby creating a bird’s eye view. Using this technique exhibits multiple layers for the viewer. 3D has been used effectively for a while now but it is making its way to commercial video production and content creation.

4.  Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is nothing but moving text. That is, motion + text. This technique is usually used to convey ideas that cannot be spoken out loud but can be expressed only through a conversation. They successfully evoke a special emotion within the observer. These videos are a marvel to watch when done using the right techniques and really reel a user in. It is key that the video be short because it literally just uses manipulated text. It’s effect doesn’t last long so your communication needs to be done quick.

5.  GIFs

GIFs are great. There’s no denying it. They’re ridiculously popular and the internet loves them. Brands can get a lot of engagement with GIFs if they’re used correctly. GIFs are easily shared across platforms and have the highest rates of engagement because of that and due to their inherent short-form nature.

6.  Stop Motion

Again not a very new concept but a trend that’s becoming every-popular on social media. Brands are constantly trying to be different from their competition and stop motion is a great way. It’s a taxing production and can be high-cost but if storyboarded well, the end product is a fantastic piece of content that has the potential to go viral.

Whichever style of animation you may go with, make sure that it will relate to your target audience. That’s the ultimate goal here.

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