How blogging can help your e-commerce website grow

How blogging can help your e-commerce website grow
Behlul M
July 11, 2017

How blogging can help your e-commerce website grow

There are several ways of generating traffic to your ecommerce site. The more footfalls will result in higher conversions. That’s the hope at least. A cheap way to get new users to your website is by creating quality content and posting it in the right places. Blogs are an integral part to any website hoping to gain new users with organic SEO.

How blogs help?

1.Regular blog posts help improve your website’s organic SEO by bringing your page up to the top of search results related to the keywords you add in your blog.

2.The definition of content marketing is creating new and frequent content that your users want to consume. Google always puts the user experience first and so gives priority to websites in its ranking that have good quality content updated regularly

How blogs improve ranking in search engines?

Many businesses rule out the idea of blogging just because they believe that they have a small audience. This is a myopic way of looking at things. No matter how small or niche an audience, people are obsessed with consuming great content. Feed that addiction and see significant changes to your website’s traffic and ranking.
Another advantage of writing blog posts is that it increases the number of web pages on your site. More webpages result in an improved SEO thanks to more internal linking to the site’s homepage. Internal linking is great but the crux of SEO lies in external linking. i.e. quality traffic coming to your websites from external websites that Google trusts and “likes”. Once your article is shared through social media, you have external links from other sites on to your homepage.

A blog helps you regularly update content on your website – a major aspect Google looks at when ranking your website. Blogs allow you to target keywords and subjects based on those keywords. i.e. this blog post helps us with ‘SEO’ and ‘ecommerce websites’.

You get noticed through blogs

In any ecommerce web development, you need to use your social media to disseminate all your blog posts. This is how you’ll get discovered by your audience. A conventional website will have standard pieces of content that makes it hard to continuously update. With a blog, you have a reason to constantly update your website.
Use Facebook, Twitter, and especially LinkedIn to post your blogs, start conversations and create a solid base of followers. Having a strong social presence with regular blog posts help garner trust in users who are still vary of purchasing online through websites they haven’t heard of before.

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