Google’s latest algorithm update should scare black hat SEO technicians

Google’s latest algorithm update should scare black hat SEO technicians
Behlul M
June 22, 2017

Stirring a tempest in the SEO world, the subject on everyone’s mind was Google’s upcoming ranking algorithm update; the Fred Update. Webmasters were caught by surprise when their websites saw a decline in traffic all of a sudden. Google’s latest update guns for websites that use “black hat” SEO practices. “Black hate” technique are basically shortcuts to gain rank increase going against Google’s best practices and policies. It’s a huge risk because if Google catches you, your website is blacklisted and its crawlers forget about your website. That means you’ll never show up in Google’s Search. The risk-to-reward ratio is a no-brainer in this case.When the “black hat” optimisers lose ranking, it helps push up all the legitimate websites up in its place.

Fred’s Confirmed

Google has confirmed this algorithm update, with little detail being given. Websites going against Google’s policies are apparently already seeing drops in ranks across the internet. With time, the effect will be seen in more significance.

Who’s Affected?

Websites that clung on to the Classic Analytics tags have been affected, while those with the Universal are spared. To improve search engine rankings, websites also use low quality links and spam links. Low quality content on a website is another target of the Fred algorithm update.Finally click baiting websites are getting what they deserve. Too many websites create enticing click baiting links and end up having rubbish content on the other side and Google’s not having it anymore.

The update took with it, the websites that heavily relied on advertisements. They provided users with low quality or deceiving content and polluted their website with too many ads and affiliate links. They prioritized ads over content and Google isn’t OK with that.

Fred is also aimed at sites that provided low quality user management. For example, they plant deceptive ads that look like download buttons or flash elements that do not download in their pages. Moreover, many sites set up links that seem to the user as internal links but lead them to third-party ad sites. Such sites were severely affected with 50-60% fall in organic traffic.

To conclude, Google updates its algorithms regularly, like 3 times a day. So while developing your website, it’s better to avoid the common SEO hacks, because eventually, you will get caught in one of these SEO storms. It’s safe to build your website on genuine grounds without any hacks and hews. As a trusty SEO agency we are ready to help you anytime, anywhere.


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