Your guide to Google’s search & display ads

Your guide to Google’s search & display ads
Behlul M
August 7, 2017

Advertising your brand online is a tricky business. You should never do it without the help of an experienced advertiser. Why? Because platforms like Google may make it seem it’s easy to advertise but the intricacies of the platform make it impossible for an inexperienced individual to get it right.

Google AdWords allows brands to advertise on Search – when searching for certain keywords, your website can pop up as an ad in the top 4 searches, Display – use Google’s Display Network to advertise to users all across the internet and YouTube – preroll ads that you see before almost every video you watch on YouTube.

What are Search Ads and the Display Network?

Lets breakdown Google’s Search Ads and its GDN (Google Display Network). Search is its most popular and best performing tool. It’s unlike any other form of online advertising available because it allows brands to advertise to consumers that are actively looking for their products or services. The Search Network offers the highest ROI to brands. Which is why it’s an expensive medium to be on. It is also the most complex of Google’s Ad services.

Figuring out the right keywords, targeting them and creating the perfect ads for them is a task that takes careful doing. A brand needs to ensure they’ve researched their keywords well to be able to reach the maximum number of relevant users.

Google’s Display Network encompasses majority of the public internet. Advertisers can target users online based on which website they are on, what their interests are and what topics they are actively reading. Based on this, banner ads are placed on websites across the internet leading users back to your website.

When to use Search Ads?

1.    Minimum Budget

If your budgets are limited and your objectives are to drive leads or conversions, then Search Ads should be your first choice. Because you’re advertising to users that are actively looking out for your products or services, Search Ads guarantee you’ll get the best ROI.

2.    High-demand product or services

If you’re selling a product or service that is in high-demand or widely purchased, Search Ads will help you increase your consumer base exponentially. The ads may be expensive due to the high competition of the keywords, but you cost per acquisition (the amount you spend to gain a customer) will be worth it.

3.    Established brand value

Ever wondered why large brands like Souq or DHL advertise their homepages when you specifically search for their keywords? It’s to reestablish their brand value within the minds of customers like yourself. It’s also because it helps their Google Ads for other, more niche pages do better.

When to use Google’s Display Network?

1.    Brand awareness

Assume that you are buying products from Namshi and you see an ad by Samsung about their latest phone. Months later, you might want a new phone and you may think about this ad. Voila, brand awareness has been created and you’re likely to now research the brand, it’s products and possible even purchase it.

2.    Topic-based interests

You’re a travel website selling appealing holiday packages. You want to reach out to users that are actively researching holiday destinations and thinking about planning or are actively planning it. Through Google’s targeting methods, you can target users actively reading travel websites and researching holidays. Drive that traffic to your website and sell your target audience your packages!


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