How To Convert Your Customers Into Social Media Fans?

Social Media Followers
How To Convert Your Customers Into Social Media Fans?
Behlul M
July 31, 2018

Establishing your online presence is pivotal to stay ahead in a cut-throat competitive industry. Relevant communication, timely updates on-the-go and offering your customers what they demand is the key to success. You may have visitors to your website, you might have the best chalked up online strategy to drive the “dream” traffic to your website, but how much of this are you actually converting into sales? Have you ever taken the time to look into your followers on social media? What does your customer base think about your business? Have you ever tried to get feedback from your customers?

Skeptical? While you are still thinking over those questions, lets drill down on few approaches that will help you earn impressions amongst your customers.

Build a connection

Social media platforms have always been the best to connect with your customers. The networking it allows lets you personally interact with people and get to know them better. Spend some time to check your connections, converse with them and understand the pulse of your customers.

Keep updating

You ought to engage your customers with content that is educational. Never copy and paste content or try to imitate competitors. Create your own style that best represents your business and evangelizes your brand.

Have a good website

Customers are always curious to know more. Dumping your social media profile is definitely not the ideal way to deal with customers. Direct them to your website. Maintain a clutter-free, navigation friendly website that serves your customers with real quality content.

Stay active

This is very important. Showcase your brand by being active, encouraging questions from customers and ensure that you answer them in a genuine way. This sows the seeds of trust amongst your customer base that can have a positive impact on your potential sales conversion rates.

Make your customers happy

Loyal customers need to be rewarded. Keep a track of regular customers and reward them in some way like offering discount coupons, a free e-book or special deals on your products based on their requirements.
Don’t be pushy

Being interactive is important but sending constant push notifications and alerts may agitate customers. Give them information that they actually want/need from you rather than sending repetitive and monotonous messages.

Feedback is good

Be open to positive and negative feedback from your customers. Every comment is a learning point. Improve on the negative side and make sure to share the positive on social media with the consent of the customer. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire and will contribute immensely to the success of your business.

Get set to take the dive and reap the benefits!

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