How to effectively use Social Media Marketing to gain customers

How to effectively use Social Media Marketing to gain customers
Behlul M
July 24, 2017

It’s hard to define and quantify how integral social media has become to all aspect of life. For consumers and for businesses alike, it’s a channel unlike any other. It helps consumers find the right products and interact with their favorite brands. It helps businesses get their products and services front and center, reaching consumers at just the right moment.

Defining Social Media Marketing

Not that you need to be told what it is, but in simple terms, social media marketing is when a business has an online presence for its brand on channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Businesses are not limited by just 2 or 3 channels, there are several channels available depending on where your consumers are. Of course just a presence doesn’t constitute as marketing. Marketing on social media is when a business is actively trying to increase, engage and sell to its audience.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

1.    Increases brand value

The more consumers see your name out there, the more aware they become about your business, products and services. Find the channels rich with your prospective consumers and begin sharing quality content.

2.    Increases customer loyalty

You need to be easily accessible to your customer and within earshot. Social media is the first place they’re going to go to complain or praise you and you need to be ready to respond. The more frequently your customer connects with you or hears about you, the greater is the chance that they might suggest you to their friends.

Strategies for Social Media Marketing

1.    Define your objectives

You shouldn’t dive-in blind. Social media marketing may seem simple and easy to get into but to do it right, you need to follow a certain flow. Define specific objectives, highlight KPIs and then move forward creating the steps you will take to reach those objectives and KPIs.

2.    Identify your audience

I cannot stress how important it is to know your audience and figure out where they are. There are so many social media channels and so many brands make the grave mistake of being present everywhere. This stretches you thin and you end making mistakes and not identifying the specific strategy you need for each social channel. Find out where the majority of your consumers spend its time and craft a specific strategy for those channels.

3.    Don’t be afraid to experiment

It’s easy to fall into the “safe” category of content creation. Don’t be afraid to jump on the latest trends as long as they relate to your business and is relevant to your audience.

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