7 Simple ways to grow your online business

7 Simple ways to grow your online business
Behlul M
June 27, 2017

In order to build a fast growing e-commerce website, you need to create a pool of regular and recurring customers. Word of mouth is the greatest selling tool so if you’re offering a product or service at great value coupled with equally great customer service, you’ve got a winning combination. With the increase in e-commerce development in Dubai, it is important for online businesses to acquire new customers on a regular rate.

Attracting new customers may sound like a daunting task. With rife competition, it may be hard to stand out. Here are some simple ways to help you grow your online business by acquiring new customers.

1. Social Media Marketing

Having your business’ presence on social media in 2017 is not even datable. With the ever-increasing population of people on social media in Dubai and around the world, creating quality content on social media helps prospective customer discover your business. It also helps news users discovering your business form trust in your online store. It’s important to highlight the right social mediums. You don’t need to be on all, just the ones where your target audience are concentrated. Using the right hashtags, quality follower acquisition, community management and carefully timed posts should be some of the key elements of your social strategy for an e-commerce website design store in Dubai.

2. Email Marketing Email Marketing

is a great strategy and a powerful tool to get returning customers. Users that have purchased from you or have signed up to your newsletter is a valuable pool of data that you should capitalize on, albeit carefully. You don’t want to spam them that will get them to unsubscribe. You want to carefully reach out with custom offers upselling to existing customers and enticing prospective customers.

3. Special Offers & Discounts

Everyone loves a good deal and impulse buying is the best kind of conversion. Users can be easily coaxed into spending a little but of cash when persuaded by a deal that “looks” like a “limited period offer”. The “fear of missing out” is a notorious emotion to play on but works brilliantly! No one wants to miss out on a deal that looks like it’ll never come around again or is too good to be true. The trick is figuring out what that deal is for your customers that will benefit both parties.

4. Mobile Commerce

The Middle East has one of the fastest growing mobile commerce markets in the world. Every year, more and more people are purchasing on mobile. When you consider almost 80% of Facebook’s daily users are on mobile, it puts things into perspective. Gone are the days when users waiting to be on a desktop to do some shopping. This is true for almost any product or service sold online. A responsive website or a fully functioning mobile website or even an app is a critical piece of your business.

5. Keep your site secure

Users may be hesitant to convert these days on websites that aren’t fully secure. More and more users are technologically savy and understand SSL Certification and HTTPS protocols that help secure your sensitive information like username, passwords and even credit card information. This information gets communicated from one site to another over servers that may be unsecure. Your e-commerce website should have a SSL Certificate that runs on the latest software so that its inaccessible by hackers.

6. User reviews

Trust is a crucial component in getting new users to convert. One of the best ways to build trust is by publishing reviews from existing customers that’s in the form of testimonials and product reviews.


What you see is what you get – your e-commerce website needs to be easy to navigate, your products and details should be listed simply along with highlighting all the important selling points. Customers should be able to find what they want on easily. Look for a theme with great features or get it custom designed by web development company in Dubai.One of the most important aspects in growing your e-commerce store is understanding what your customers want and crafting that product and user experience for them.

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