Social Media Marketing 

Having a presence on social media is as crucial today as having a website. Any business, be it B2B or B2C needs to be active on social media, creating the right kind of content for their audiences. Our packages are carefully created to cater to a wide variety of businesses and help them carve out the perfect social presence. Choose the package that fits your needs or request for a custom package and we’ll take care of the rest!

Fine Print

  • All prices are subject to 5% VAT
  • Each Social Media Marketing package is priced on a monthly retainer basis.
  • The first month’s fee will be charged upfront and subsequent month’s fees need to be paid at the start of each month’s billing cycle.
  • Depending on your chosen mode of payment, we can only begin working once the payment is received.
  • If you have existing channels, you will need to provide access to all channels to the Account Manager handling your account.
  • If you do not have existing channels, your Account Manager will create them for you and provide you with access to all.
  • Social Media Advertising budgets are separate from the package fees. Budgets to be decided with your Account Manager and paid separately.
  • All Add Ons for Social Media Packages are monthly fees and will be added to your monthly billing cycle.

Our Clients

Content Writing

Content is the cornerstone for any kind of marketing strategy. Content needs to be carefully created and disseminated in order to reach your targeted audience. As a social media marketing agency in Dubai, our first step in building your social media presence is crafting a strong content strategy. From image posts to videos, our content team is hip and in-the-know to make sure your brand is front and center on social media.

Social Strategy

It’s very easy to do too much on social media. Digital marketing in Dubai is a complex field and navigating precisely is an important skill for a social media agency to have. We’ll tell you what kind of content goes on what channel and how often you should be posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and every other channel relevant to you. You also need to carefully consider which social media channel you should be on and the social media agency right for you. As a digital marketing agency in Dubai, we’ll tell you exactly what to say and where to say it so that your customers are sure to hear you.

Social Advertising

No good social media marketing strategy is without a solid advertising plan. Social channels are filled with so many kinds of people and so much noise from other brands, good content is what helps you reach above. However, social channels such as Facebook throttle reach in order to force you to advertise. Which is fair enough. A good advertising plan can help you optimize your budgets and reach your target audience. Advertising on these social platforms isn’t simple. You need a digital agency in Dubai to help you plan and devise your social media advertising smartly and effectively.