Top 5 free content marketing tools

Top 5 free content marketing tools
Behlul M
September 3, 2017

An average of 70,000,000 photos are posted on social media every single day. If one day, you decided to print them out on standard photo paper and stack them up all together, it would become 83 times taller than Mount Everest. That’s a lot of content (and a lot of paper) being published every day. But for small-business owners, that are new to social media marketing, just the thought of spending money on different applications for social media might feel unnerving. So the challenge here is to make engaging content with minimal effort. Here are 5 free apps that will instantly make your life easier.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a trusted giant in the social space known for scheduling and marketing social media posts. It allows users to add multiple accounts to connect with more than 35 popular social networks. You can use Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance, use their monitoring tools to understand what your customers are speaking about your brand online along with collaborating with team members and various other analytics.



With over 30 million monthly active users, VSCO has created the largest and most engaged community on Instagram. The VSCO Cam app is one of the most popular editing apps for Instagram and is used by teens, professional photographers, and amateurs alike. Its simple to use but high quality editing features make it stand out.


3. Canva

Canva has emerged as one of the most impressive tools for SME’s and entrepreneurs. If you’ve never fancied yourself a designer and don’t have Photoshop skills, this is the tool for you! Need to create an image for social media? Canva has pre-designed graphics and layouts that allow for complete customization in a simple, drag and drop environment.

PS: We used Canva to create the banner for this blogpost.


4. Pic Splitter

Ever wondered how people have larger photos on their feed? Impress and gain new followers using this simple technique. Splitting your photos into tiles allows you to have larger photos in your Instagram feed. The app lets you scale your photo, choose your tile size and choose a background color for the empty space of the image.

5. Splice

Splice is the easiest video editing app we’ve used. Import your video files stored within other accounts, including Facebook, Dropbox, Google etc. First you choose a soundtrack from their collection or add a track from your library, then its simple interface allows users to trim the video, add filters, change playback speed, add text, and change volume.

The tools listed above can help you create content, but it’s ultimately up to you to control the quality of your content. The brains and heart behind the content always trump the code behind any tools and technology — and that’s a good way to succeed in marketing your product.


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