What is A/B testing and how its crucial for a successful ad campaign

What is A/B testing and how its crucial for a successful ad campaign
Behlul M
August 29, 2017

A/B testing stands for “Always Be Testing”. It’s a concept familiar to most marketers and entrepreneurs. It’s an integral part of any campaign and sometime, even large websites that receive a huge amount of traffic.

Testing is an especially crucial part of testing online advertising campaigns. The minute you start testing various elements of your campaigns such as the images, text, CTAs, etc. you realize how fruitful A/B testing can be. An advertiser can almost never be sure what is going to work with their audience until its tested.

Pay-per-click ads are undoubtedly an effective form of marketing almost any business. The overarching objective of any business is to drive highly targeted traffic to a specific landing page (selling a product or giving more information about a service) where a conversion is to occur. Said conversion can either be a purchase, filling out a form, downloading a brochure, registering for an event or downloading an app.

Not all landing pages are created equally. A novice marketer may focus heavily on the ad and give less importance to the landing page. User experience is the key factor in A/B testing and equal importance needs to be given to all aspects of a campaign. It’s important to really get to know your target audience and think from their perspective. Then create the appropriate landing pages and ads to go along with them. Sometimes a subtle difference like the wordings of a CTA or the colors of a button make a difference. Other times the entire layout of a landing page or imagery used can determine the superior test. Figuring this out is what A/B testing is used for. Once you’ve figured out what works with your sample audience, then you can begin to hit the masses with the proven campaign.

Prime examples of A/B testing use-cases
App & Website Developers

A/B testing can be used by product designers and developers to demonstrate the impact of new features or changes to a user experience in a mobile application or even a website. They’ll have 2 live versions running simultaneously, splitting the incoming traffic in half and observing how each group interacts and behaves. The learnings from this can go a long way in making a product highly successful.

Ad Campaigns

A/B testing in advertising, especially Google AdWords campaigns, helps marketers identify the right keywords and behavioral patterns of users. Some ad text, imagery and CTAs resonate more with users. A marketer may be confident of his communication but it may not resonate with his audience at all. Constantly trying 2 varied campaigns at launch help determine what your target audience prefers. This helps save a lot of money and increase conversions in the long run.

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