Why It’s Important To Go ‘Live’ With Your Brand.

Why It’s Important To Go ‘Live’ With Your Brand.
Behlul M
August 27, 2017

Facebook and Instagram have started pushing ‘live video streaming’ on their platforms with video content offering marketers a proven way to grab customer attention and keep their target audience engaged. With this new technology comes, a host of possibilities for SME’s and larger brands. With all the noise in the social media space, live video streaming in particular has become  a cost effective tool for companies and groups to connect directly with their users, to gain greater product awareness, and to brand themselves creatively.

While still in its infancy, a lot of big brands especially in the F&B industry such as McDonald’s, Almarai, Popeye’s etc. are going live to commemorate brand-related holidays and are also broadcasting regular weekly content. Soon, marketers will have an option as well to cash in on this. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook said it’s experimenting with mid-roll ads on live video, we can only wait to see where these changes take marketers.

So we give you 3 reasons why going ‘live’ might benefit your brand:

1.It’s a cost effective marketing tool

Facebook is home to the largest digital audience in the world and by going ‘live’, you would be able to tap into that audience a lot more effectively. Broadcasting on Facebook is super simple and does not require any professional broadcast production. You simply take your smartphone out of your pocket and start going ‘live’. It’s simple and cheap, making it ideal for small businesses. Being able to push quality content without investing in additional tools is a golden opportunity for all brands.

2.Better to connect with audiences directly

Easily one of the best benefits to going ‘Live’ for brands is its personal approach to content. Brands use it for a quick Q&A without having to stress about the production. When the video goes live, users can comment about your product/services in real time and they can ask you questions about your brand which can be answered in real time. By responding to customer questions in real time, users will feel the video is personalized to them while appreciating you to take time out to connect with them on a one-to-one basis during the ‘Live’ experience.

3.Stand out from the crowd

A recent article by Facebook said that “people spend on average three times as much time watching Facebook Live video as they spend watching other video content”. Plus, since going ‘Live’ is still something that’s fairly new to brands, this can be distinctly used to your advantage. Brands that use this new digital solution can stand apart from their competitors. Facebook recently changed its algorithm to give more preference to video that is ‘live’ over all other video content. Live videos simply drive more engagement and if it’s promoted well, it could keep users coming back.

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