Your website needs to be responsive to succeed

Your website needs to be responsive to succeed
Behlul M
July 2, 2017

In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in the number of overall mobile users. We have also seen a rise in the number of users who depend on mobile phones for search and research purposes. This became challenging for old-school companies who never bothered with making websites for the mobile. Even in 2017, there are plenty of websites that aren’t responsive.

Now, every new website or redesign project begins with emphasis on responsive web design.

What is responsive design?

In order to ensure every user that visits your website, regardless of the medium they are using, has the best and intended experience. With over 80% of Facebook users using mobile as their primary device and over 60% of Google searches on mobile, it’s a trend that’s only going up. Responsive design will ensure your website looks and works and perfectly on every mobile device.

Why is it important?

With more and more users browsing the internet primarily on their phones, the importance of mobile optimization through responsive design is a no-brainer.

A website that isn’t responsive will not only drive users away, it will effect your SEO ranking. At some point last year, Google updates its algorithms to penalize websites that weren’t mobile optimized.

Mobile First Indexing

Google announced a mobile-first indexing with search engines so that the links and content of your responsive website will decide your position in its search results. If your website is well optimized for mobile users, then you’ll see your page ranks rise within Google. Desktop factors are also considered, but they are secondary.

Page Speed

A website that’s overall optimized for mobile has to factor in not only its responsiveness but also the speeds at which its pages load. Online users are notoriously impatient and studies show the average wait time for a page to load is 3 seconds. Beyond 3 seconds the user is most likely to abandon that page.

Depending in which part of the world the majority of your users reside in, it is important to take into consideration the efficiency of their mobile Internet Service Providers. India for instance has much slower speeds than the UAE. East Asia has some of the fastest speeds. It is important to consider how heavy each page of your website is to ensure it has the fastest load times across the regions your users are in.

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